My name is Imogen Foxell. I’m an artist, classicist and lexicographer. I live in Oxford.

imogenspictures@gmail.com | twitter.com/imogenfoxell | imogensblackboard.tumblr.com

Please get in touch if you have anything you’d like me to illustrate, or if you’d like to commission an original artwork or buy a print.


All artwork is copyright and may not be used without my permission.


  1. Lucy

    Very much enjoyed your last two sets of ‘illustrating the OED word of the day’, especially ‘wayzgoose’ :-)
    My team went on an attempted wayzgoose excursion last week, intended to be to the Perch but we only made it as far as the JT…

    1. Imogen (Post author)

      Thanks! I’m glad you had a wayzgoose – I hope that you’re all working by candlelight now.

  2. XC Sun

    Nowadays most of us lives in houses not home.

  3. BJ Anderson

    Chicago is now home to a print of Imogen’s collage, The Bottle Dragon! She’s officially a talented artist noticed worldwide! Imogen, you deserve EVERY success!

  4. Ismail

    Impressive and hard work! Your blackboard is good as well =) Keep on the good work!

  5. Thomas Griffin

    Pictures great but prefer your lexicography. I like writing and it affords me a greater vocabulary to” articulate”. Do you or no of a book of lexicography or eugenics. I would be very interested.

    1. Imogen (Post author)

      Are you sure you meant eugenics? Simon Winchester’s “The surgeon of Crowthorne” is a good book about lexicography, or you can just read the dictionary.

  6. margot keeler

    I love your blackboard. I love the sheet exuberant generosity of subject matter, colour and humour. I’m madly jealous of your talent and think you deserve to be excruciatingly busy illustrating childrens’ books, cookbooks and who knows what else.

  7. Alex

    I love your new website – it makes a lovely home for your beautiful pictures :)

  8. Claire

    Absolutely beautiful! Some of the landscape sketches remind me of Quentin Blake

  9. Irena

    Huzzah! I shall have a way to enjoy your art! Granted it’s not having the privilege and pleasure of flipping through your sketchbooks, but I take what I can get. 😀

    I found the perfect frame for your card, btw, and it now sits proudly displayed on my shelf. Well, I need to find it a good mat, but for now I’m pleased with it. I shall have to send you a picture, it really is a perfect frame, I feel!

  10. Ann

    Very exciting! Wishing you all the best in your new home on the Net :)

  11. Mum

    May I be the first to congratulate you….


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